King Tiger by Bambo Kino

Eclectic fusion....commercially viable.....strong melodies, arranged with heavy melodic textures
Jazz Fusion
Release Date: 2017
Produced by John Sferra & Mark Buccilli

Musicians featured on King Tiger:
Drums: John Sferra, Tommy Ruggieri
Keyboards: Jim Meese, Jer Olsen, Clay Colley,
Dennis Augusta, Dominic Reto, Jim Gerlach.
Sax: Bob Esterle, Eric DeFade, Dave Kanna
Bass Guitar: Bambo Kino
Music Composed by Mark Buccilli
Recorded at John Sferra Studio,
Myraid Media Group Inc and Tune Town Recording.
Mixed by John Sferra & Mark Buccilli

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Jazz Fusion, warm and vintage ensemble playing, no tricks or gimmicks, just music.
This music is definitely old school. I mean old school in
the sense that it's performed by musicians.
Ensemble playing song by song track by track. No drum
machines or loops. No studio tricks or gimmicks.
There's no over production or massive overdubbing. What you hear on the tracks you will hear live.
It's warm and organic with a vintage feel yet it's
recorded with modern techniques and equipment.
You can feel the difference, you can hear the
life. -Bambo

Featuring: Mike Baranski, Dennis Augusta, Jim Meese,
Eric De Fade, John Anthony, Tommy Ruggieri,
Bob Batcha, Dave Wingenbach, John Sferra,
Jim Gerlach, Mike Talanca Jr., Frank Castallano,
Steve DeLach, Marko DeMichael, Bob Matchette,
Chad Gridley, Matt Ferraro,

I want to thank Mike Talanca and the talented and creative musicians for their contributions to this CD
Bambo could not be Bambo without them. Gentlemen, I thank you all. Bravo!

Produced by Jim Meese, Mark Buccilli and Mike Talanca.
Mixed & Mastered by Jim Meese.
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Bambo Kino is a colorful fragment in the landscape of human expression.
Like all before him, all here and now and all of those to follow, he is a compilation Of every musical moment of his life consciously or not this music is influenced by the present, the past and the future.
His influences are many. Some go beyond music to a place that only exists for a chosen few to find a place that is reserved for those who are not afraid of the unknown. It is a sense of freedom to go where one’s heart takes them not worrying about the outcome gathering from his life lessons to create music.
Love, pain, sorrow, joy, and happiness all of his emotions are displayed.
Two Videos from the new CD "Ecto Perfecto".

Angels in Motion •• 76 Steps

The next Videos are from the "American Deluxe" CD
Steve Bailey Chairman of the Bass Dept. at Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. Comment: "Hi Mark... listening to your cd, really like the 5th track, orchestration and composition. Nice nods to JP. ( Jaco Pastorius). The rest is nice too. Great playing". Steve

Great news from California. Bambo Kino
will be featured in Bass Player Magazine's
September issue. Bambo is profiled in a
column called "The Real World".
It's a monthly feature that spotlights bass players
from around the country.
Bambo appears in his trademark suit and brim.
And the beat goes on.

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